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Top Things to Kill From Your Business

A few years ago, I found myself drifting, drained, and away from my purpose and my goals. Why did I decide to let go of all my designations, certifications, and licenses? What did I discover when I did that? What are some of the biggest mistakes that are causing us to drift in our real estate business? This episode is my presentation at Inman Live, where I talk about the things getting in the way of our business success.

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Nothing that drifts has ever landed at a location you would have chosen. – Marki Lemons-Ryhal

On this episode, I talk about why I let go of all designations and certifications that weren’t serving my purpose, and how I went back to the basics. I talk about the importance of an exit strategy, being a numbers person, and avoiding sphere interference. I also share on the power of focusing on what you’re good at. 

I also talk about 

  • Being busy vs. being booked 
  • How to stop putting your foot in your mouth 
  • The importance of having a niche 

When you understand what your goal is and have an exit strategy in place, you’ll learn to focus on what you’re good at. You’ll be in a better position to put lead generation on your schedule, learn what not to say when you’re being social, associate with the right people and become a numbers person. With these things guiding you, you’ll never drift and your business will thrive.

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