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The Social Selling Journal: A 66 Day Guide to Creating the Habits to Achieve Your Business Social Goals – Day 2

Finding our target audience is the first step towards becoming unstoppable in our real estate careers. The second thing we need to do is dial in our morning routines and schedules. We have to develop the habit of living by our calendars, and a set of non-negotiable actions we’re committed to daily.

A solid morning routine sets us up for a productive day, and sets in motion the activities that align with our goals for higher income and a better business. Time is the most limited commodity we have, and how we use it determines our success.

What are the habits and actions that will make you an unstoppable real estate professional? How do we set up a morning routine that aligns with our goals? Join me to learn about this and the steps to take to still achieve your business goals.

The more defined your goals become, the more money you earn with fewer headaches.
– Marki Lemons-Ryhal

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • Our morning routine doesn’t start when we wake up. It is set before we go to sleep the night before – we need to be clear about what we need to do in the morning and throughout the day.
  • We need to have a solid system built around our lead generation and scripts. The things we do and say regularly need to be written down and systematized so they can become habits. 
  • There’s no set rule for the time we need to wake up, but we do need to get enough sleep and have enough time to facilitate an effective morning routine and daily schedule.

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Are you ready to have a social shift in your life?

If you are an entrepreneur, independent contractor, or strive to make it to the next level in your current occupation, it is essential to connect online and offline. 

Don’t forget to make those necessary connections daily for 66 consecutive days. This modern, bright designed journal will provide you with the tools you need to create the habits to achieve your business social goals. 


What is the Social Selling Journal?

The Social Selling Journal is all about being social every day, both online and offline, to stay number one in your customer’s mind.

How does The Social Selling Journal work?

The Social Selling Journal is 66 days of social accountability. It takes exactly 66 days for a new behavior to become a habit. Step-by-step, the Social Selling Journal will guide you toward creating and sustaining new social practices in your life. One simple action could make you 42 percent more likely to achieve your goal: Write it down.

This 66-day Social Selling Journal Features:
   1. Goal Setting Section.
   2. Daily Awareness and Self Discovery Section.
   3. Daily Motivational Business Quote.
   4. Daily Routine to Increase Productivity and Increase Engagement.

You will develop and maintain social engagement which will lead to more contacts, leads, and follow-up. 

– Increase Social Productivity.
– Gain Social Clarity and Focus.
– Increase Probability to Set, Chase, and Achieve Social Goals.
– Boost Social Confidence.
– Change Your Social Habits Today by Ordering The Social Selling Journal.

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