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How to Build a Strong Online Brand & Why Screen-to-Screen Is the New Face-to-Face w/Chelsea Peitz

How to Build a Strong Online Brand & Why Screen-to-Screen Is the New Face-to-Face w/Chelsea Peitz

Most people think social selling doesn’t work because there’s no face-to-face connection, but if we leverage our devices the right way, it can be highly effective. How can we get better at connecting with people when we create video content? Besides Instagram and Facebook stories, what are other platforms we can leverage to get our brands in front of more people?

On this episode, I’m joined by social selling coach, author, and speaker, Chelsea Peitz, who shares her winning social media strategies. 

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Remember, your brand is not a house. It’s your face.” -Chelsea Peitz

3 Things We Learned

An important camera hack

One of the biggest mistakes people make with video is that they look into their own eyes, into their own reflection. You actually want to look into the tiny camera. When you make eye contact, you can actually connect with people, even if you aren’t face-to-face.

The C-R-M Approach & Why It’s Effective At Converting

The approach you need to take is camera-first, real-time and message-enabled. When you get all these things working together, you can go deeper with people and accelerate trust.

Personal vs. Private Content

There’s a difference between personal and private content. Personal content is human, and relatable. It’s content that allows people to know more about us beyond business. Private is what we choose to keep within our close relationships and friendships.

Video content doesn’t have to be the lesser version of a face-to-face conversation. Having mobile phones means people have the chance to connect literally right in the palm of their hands. We have to get comfortable with video content to achieve this, we have to force ourselves to do it until it becomes a habit. If we take the camera-first formula, we can ultimately convert people and turn social activities into business outcomes.

Guest Bio-

Chelsea is Social Sales Coach, Keynote Speaker and the Author of Talking in Pictures: How Snapchat Changed Cameras, Communication, and Communities. You can find her on Instagram @chelsea.peitz.
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