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How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Real Estate Business w/Candy Miles-Crocker

Reality TV has done a disservice to the world of real estate by making people think that getting into the industry and becoming successful just happens. What are some of the realities of real estate that we don’t hear about on HGTV? How can new agents build a business that goes the distance? How can we make ourselves more memorable, and stop wasting opportunities?

On this episode, I’m joined by agent, trainer, and author of “The Reality of Real Estate”, Candy Miles-Crocker, and we talk about how agents can set themselves up for success.

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People who don’t take the time to build systems after that first year of success burnout. -Candy Miles-Crocker

Takeaways + Tactics

  • As a new agent, choose a brokerage that offers training and education.
  • Long-term sustainable success in real estate is built on systems.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the business. If you’re not actually putting yourself out there, you’re wasting an opportunity.

Running a real estate business without a foundation and the right mindset leads to burnout, stress and as a whole the high turnover our industry has. In order to build sustainable success, you have to run the business with intention and purpose, show up well-dressed, interact with people, and have the confidence to ask for the business. With the right systems in place, you can run an efficient business and stay in business for decades.

Guest Bio-

Candy Miles-Crocker is the author of The Reality of Real Estate – The Essential Guide to Planning, Managing and Growing Your Real Estate Business. With reality television showing how “easy” being a real estate agent was, Candy wanted to give those thinking about a career in real estate a dose of “reality.” The book also provides a roadmap to building a thriving real estate business. In 2016, Inman News, a leader in the real estate industry, selected Candy as one of the Top 25 Real Estate Coaches in the United States.

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