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How to Be Intentional & Strategic with Your Social Media Marketing w/Tracey Hicks

How to Be Intentional & Strategic with Your Social Media Marketing w/Tracey Hicks

REALTORS® who leverage technology and social media have a massive advantage over those who don’t. How do we stay current with social media trends and implement a good strategy? How can we tell stories and make people want to follow us? Why are our families and friends our best brand ambassadors?

On this episode, I talk with Tracey Hicks, founder of All Things Real Estate, and she shares the social media strategies that are working for her business. 

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If you know what your intention is for, your social media marketing, your business, and everything else falls into place a lot easier.” -Tracey Hicks

At the start of the show, Tracey shares on the unique selling proposition that allows her brand to stand out. Next we talked about the importance of telling a story, and why you need to document the process of buying and selling a house with a human element. Tracey also shares how he uses Instagram stories, and why you need to let your family and friends support you.

We also discussed:

  • How to hire out for what you don’t want to do
  • Hacks and tools you can use to run social media more efficiently

The most important thing you need to have in all your marketing and business development is intention. Ultimately if your intentions are good, and you want to really help people it will show through all of your content and social media posts. Make sure everything you do has a strategy behind it, and be consistent. The strategy that works is the one that you follow through on.

Guest Bio-

Tracey is the founder and owner of All Things Real Estate. All Things Real Estate was started back in 2014, as the dream of a small team (one REALTOR® and one designer) dedicated to the idea that real estate marketing materials didn’t have to be ugly, boring, and one-size-fits-all.Since then, All Things Real Estate has grown from a tiny online store to a national leader in contemporary real estate supply design and expanded to include a beautiful new storefront in SE Portland. Go to for more information, and follow @AllThingsRealEstate on social media.

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