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Top Things to Kill From Your Business

A few years ago, I found myself drifting, drained, and away from my purpose and my goals. Why did I decide to let go of all my designations, certifications, and licenses? What did I discover when I did that? What are some of the biggest mistakes that are causing us to drift in our real… Continue Reading

Your Social Media Game Plan

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to brand ourselves and build a pipeline for our business. However, for a lot of agents, creating content is an overwhelming and intimidating task. How do you incorporate social media strategy and content posting into your daily workflow? How do you leverage tech tools to make… Continue Reading

How to Efficiently & Consistently Create Quality Instagram Content w/Jack O’Donohue

When it comes to choosing the best platforms to invest our time, effort and money into, Instagram offers a high return. It gives us the opportunity to entertain and educate, set ourselves apart, and establish our own unique visual brand in the market. What kind of content should we be creating on Instagram to achieve… Continue Reading