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The Marketing System That Earned Zack Boothe $500k In One Year

If you want to succeed in real estate and build a sustainable business, you need to have a powerful marketing system. We need a repeatable and scalable process that helps us generate leads.

We’re in the real estate business and whether we want to list, flip, or wholesale a property, it’s impossible to do so at a high level without a marketing plan.

In today’s low inventory market, it’s important to be extremely dialed into our local markets so we’re able to identify and maximize our earnings through off-market deals.

How do we start generating leads and identifying listing opportunities? What source of leads do agents overlook and ignore to their own detriment? 

In this episode, I’m joined by investor Zack Boothe. He shares how he went from window washer to millionaire investor, and how to generate great deals right now.

If you’re not networking with wholesalers to get their retail leads, you’re absolutely losing out. – Zack Boothe

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How Zack adds 100 Properties to his lead generation list per hour
    At the moment, the biggest problem in most real estate markets is low inventory. Using the Driving for Deals system and the app Deal Machine, you can generate leads and start building a list of motivated sellers.

  • The best way to find motivated sellers in a low inventory market
    Instead of trying to convince every homeowner to sell their home, look for the property owners who have a pain point you can solve. In our markets, there are many tired landlords, and people who are burnt out on owning a home. Look for physical signs of neglect in the home to know if and when to make an approach.
  • Why real estate agents miss out on great listing opportunities
    Most real estate agents feel like wholesalers are taking money out of their pockets, and that they are our competition, but they can actually be our collaborators! Most wholesalers are very specific about the kind of properties they buy and they pass the rest to their Realtor partners. Building relationships with these investors is one of the best ways to boost our businesses.

Guest Bio- 

Zack Boothe is the founder of Boothe Home Buyers and DFD Mastery. Just a few years ago, Zack Boothe was a window cleaner. You can even find his window cleaning tutorial videos on youtube with millions of views. Although he achieved success with his window cleaning business, he always dreamt of being a real estate investor. Taking a leap of faith, he walked away from window cleaning, and within a handful of years, he was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. Zack now has his own team and spends much of his time giving back and helping others get started in the competitive game of real estate.

Zack is passionate about sharing how easy it is to be successful once you implement a system that consistently produces discounted properties. When he isn’t helping people make money through real estate, Zack can be found spending time with his wife and two children and hiking the mountains of the Western United States.

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